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Favorites of 2017

I couldn’t just post my 2017 recap post within the year like everyone else… I was still shooting an engagement session on New Years eve and definitely didn’t want that one to miss out on being part of the group. This past year was all about growth for us. With 2016 changing the tone of our bookings with all of the new couple sessions and weddings planned, I knew eventually the scales would tip and I’d be shooting couples much more than families. Here’s a tiny bit of spec for you about our 2017: We had 18 weddings, one in particular remains a favorite above the rest because it was as if I was seeing my own dream wedding outdoors. (pictured above) I hope that in the next upcoming years we really continue to book more and more outdoor weddings just like that one so our hearts can soak up all the wedding sun goodness. There was one wedding we loved where the groom sang to his bride as a surprise. One wedding where the groom prepared a flash mob dance with all the guests that caught us by surprise. One wedding that the groom really did heavy cry when he first saw his bride and our fingers couldn’t click fast enough at such a happy sight. And one wedding where we were fed as the guests of honors… you all have no idea how much a bit of food will do for us on a long wedding day. Thank you to all my lovely bride and grooms for feeding us and making us part of your guests. I shot 32 engagement style sessions… some couples had more than one ( starting with my cousin Jael who literally had four different ones ). Some for weddings in 2017 and some already prepping for this year’s celebration. I remember there was this engagement session I shot at the Walton House that had me mesmerized with the place and it felt as if I could of gotten lost there for hours just documenting away. Can’t wait to go back to that place! We had 7 couples choose us to document their bridal sessions, similar to a wedding day portrait session but on a different day. There is one that stands out as my favorite and you all will scroll down and catch on really quick which one that is. One of those bridal sessions was for our teammates Lester & Jaylin… kinda as a I’m sorry I chickened out a year ago from shooting your wedding. We still talk about that to this day that I should of just done it… who else then having your friends be your clients?

As far family sessions, I had 2 births this year, one of which we traveled to Louisiana for. (Need to plan another escape to my second home over there to catch up with all the Louisiana families again.) I documented a very special time for 14 expecting mothers as they happily modeled their ever-growing baby bumps. And to close off this countdown 17 family sessions… Woah guys. 2016 was my first time back after taking an extended maternity leave with the twins and most of these bookings were all done then. This past year I have had to say, “sorry I’m booked” and for someone like me that likes to take on all your requests, it’s so so humbling. You all had me runny like crazy in the best way and I’m just so so grateful to all of you for having me there along with you. Not all these sessions have made it to the blog, hopefully I will be able to catch up on that soon, but every time I open up this space of mine I see a new friend I made. A family who’s kids I laughed and played with until I won’t them over. A bride who’s really excited about becoming a Mrs. So many memories. Here are personal favorites from our fabulous year:

miami wedding photographer

Super happy proud moment, capturing my cousin Jael’s surprise proposal.

This above one is my favorite reception picture of the year!

Our couple Michelle & George as they sailed away during their amazing exit.

miami wedding photographermiami wedding photographermiami wedding photographer

My brother/assistant Sam’s favorite picture above, Rose and Alex we definitely are recreating this whenever you all have three kids!

miami wedding photographermiami wedding photographer

Our first wedding of the year ^

miami wedding photographer
miami wedding photographermiami wedding photographermiami wedding photographermiami wedding photographermiami wedding photographermiami wedding photographermiami wedding photographer
miami wedding photographer
miami wedding photographer
miami wedding photographer
miami wedding photographer

Our last wedding of the year – can’t wait to show you all these pictures!

miami wedding photographer

miami wedding photographermiami wedding photographer

Again, thank you all. SO. so much for supporting this dream that every day is a reality for me. I am currently staring at an editing list of fifteen different sessions that have yet to be delivered because November and December were killer months for us and I honestly want to just hide from how much pressure that’s building up each day. I finish one session but then I shoot another… and it doesn’t seem to stop… but goodness gracious am I grateful to be this busy. Thank you all for your patience and grace that allows me to take the time to focus on your sessions without it feeling like it’s just another couple or another shoot. I am looking forward to creating this year with so much more intent and purpose then the last limiting myself to not having crazy months like what I just experienced but rather having time to even go over your outfit choices for our sessions together because everything contributes to having that perfect session friends. I will do my best posting previews on here over the next month catching up on all the 2017 sessions, but if it does take a while and you haven’t seen your friend’s session, chances are I am behind the scenes working on finishing the session instead of blogging about it. It’s going to be my new 2018 goal – edit a session in full first and then post about it… I have a feeling it will be a great game changer.

I still have those four year anniversary photos that Lester took of us to post, along with our trips that even have little videos I have yet to make to talk to you all about personal happenings in 2017… that will come too. For now, if you skipped through everything I wrote because I do tend to ramble and talk a lot, take only this: 2017 was better than any other year, but not as great as I know 2018 will be. Thank you friends for catching up and if you happen to see around… don’t send me a direct message on Instagram later on saying hi… come up and introduce yourself! I’d love to meet you! Happens all the time at weddings and I keep forgetting to say something about it. I may look highly concentrated but I can’t help it if my thinking face says ‘leave me alone’ …. inside I am really thinking, “I wish I was partying with you all too!”

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    BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL PICTURES! You are an amazing photographer, can’t wait to see the rest of the sessions of 2017 and the upcoming ones as well in 2018. Thank you for all your hard work into making each and every single session special. All these different sessions are unique in their own way. Keep it up Abby!😘😘

  2. note from:
    Michelle Acosta

    Abi!!!! You’re absolutely the best photographer ever. Your work is beautiful, creative, and the dedication you put into it is everything. I am so happy you were part of our special day. You were more than just our photographer, you became family! You are the sweetest ever! Can’t wait to see you’re future sessions! Love George and Michelle 😘❤️

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    It’s all of us who are so thankful for you, you capture the most important moments of our life in the most perfect ways! you make the experience of taking pictures so comfortable and fun! You truly are the best!

  4. note from:
    Ruth Martin

    Wow! Amazing pictures. Couldn’t be any happier with your work ❤️

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