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Yesenia & Jorge · Key Biscayne, FL

First Year Celebration

I have a thing for love stories. The ones that are complicated and difficult to understand. The kind that no one thinks those two people will ever make it work. The kind that love is so strong you don’t know whether to laugh or cry at times. Every couple has a story to tell and my favorite part of it all is not how they met or how he proposed, even though I feel that’s what’s most often shared. I like the meat. Don’t just sugar coat the highlights and tell me it’s true love. These kind of books or stories, I spend all night reading. And when no ones watching, daydreaming… because I myself have experienced this kind of love.

A while back I had posted on Instagram that I was looking for a couple with a great story to tell. I just wanted people that weren’t afraid to speak truthfully about their love. Yessenia and Jorge opened up to me and shared bits and pieces of what makes their love story. I was moved by their words but not as much as I was the day I watched them during our shoot. Although I’ll share what they said to me, it was watching them that convinced me that their love was truly genuine and one that one carries with a heart full of joy. They are perfectly happy with just being. However and whatever it is I said to them, it was okay and it was comfortable and nice. In celebration of their first anniversary I’d love to share with you their session.

…If I disected my love story with Yesenia it would take me a whole life time literally. As many people may know, as a kid I was very expressive. Then during my teen years, because of some heart-brakes, I was cold and bitter. You may ask, what does this have to do with him? Or them? The reason I state this is to show my change, my evolution, from kid to man because of my wife. I love… I love her so dam much…just when I think I couldn’t catch a break in life she came in .

… he was my Romeo and truly proved to me, not with words but with actions how he wanted to be with me and fought for me, not leaving me like a typical guy would do and go on to the next. Nope he fought for me till he had me by his side. As tough as it was for us, we made it through because we fought for what we loved & we were able to overcome our many obstacles. He’s everything I can ask for.

… but that’s the thing about love, it shoots through your chest, up your throat through your eyes, out the mouth..  no one can control it. It’s an emotional overload and just when you think you found the words better ones come up and all you hope to do is to show to that loved one that their love is your favorite one in the world. But how do you explain such beauty? How do you explain such feeling? You don’t, you ramble on for life and you say I love you every morning or just call her on the way home and say “Hey you’re cute” and you pray and wish that they like your ramble because they are the only one that understand you. I love Yesenia, she completed my life. She mad me human again, she gave me acces to my own heart.

The next set of pictures is only part 2 ( yes, I know I’m going out of order here ) of our shoot one lovely morning. Yesenia was so beautifully radiant and Jorge just held her, and admired her every minute of the time we spent together.


Hair & Make up by Jael Alvarez

Stay tuned for Yesenia & Jorge’s bridal portraits at the beach coming up next! This wraps up week one of Abigail Photography’s website launch. Thank you all so much once again for your support and comments, I love reading your feedback. It’s been such a special time to re-dedicate myself to working full time on my photography that I can’t help but feel that I’ve started a new chapter altogether in my journey. Can’t wait to see what the future brings and keep creating beautiful things with you all!


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    Love the feeling these pictures give off to everyone ! You can see and feel the happiness they bring to each other, absolutely love that you shared their words of devotion as well. Who doesn’t love a good love story ? The complicated, ground breaking, and thrilling love stories are always the best. Yesenia and Jorge are glowing, great job pooch ! I love you !

    • note from:

      Thank you Pooch!And thank you once again for glamouring her to perfection for the shoot. I love you too.

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