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Matheson Hammock Park Formal Engagements

It had been a couple of weeks since I had last photographed a session at Matheson Hammock park and this time I was in for a treat since my couple was visiting from Naples for their session. The many spanish moss filled oak trees were a sight that Ruthmary envisioned for her engagements and although it’s quite popular for us, it’s something she’s not used to seeing back home. As we arrived in the park I crossed my fingers that the rain would hold up long enough for us to have our session and thankfully, it did. Just long enough for us to explore the park together. Ruthmary and Elionel, I can’t wait to see you both again the day you promise each other forever. Hanging out with you that afternoon was only a small preview of what your special day will be like and I am already so excited for you! See you soon on the other side! Here are a few favorites from our time together.

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We had Lester from JNL Films come along to our session to document their love story as well and here’s a look at the clip he put together, (Ruthmary & Elionel Love Film). Dear friends, help them win prints! For every 10 individual comments left on this post they will receive an 8×10 photo print for free! (Individual comments = one per person.) Once your comment is approved (just for eliminating spam reasons) you will see it below!

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  1. note from:
    Ruthmary Martin

    Wow they’re amazing! Just perfect! Thank you so much for such an awesome work!

  2. note from:
    Anisley Martinez

    Beautiful pics! The location is breathtaking and the couple radiates love.

  3. note from:
    Debbie Cabrera

    OMG! The pictures are extremely beautiful! Thank you for these breathtaking pictures.

  4. note from:
    Liety Gonzalez

    Can’t wait for your wedding pics. These turned out gorgeous!

  5. note from:

    Jehovah ‘s creation was the best background for those pictures!!!! You two are a very beautiful couple (inside and outside). I know how stressful was the anteroom of that day, but thanks God, everything came out great . Those photos were worth it!
    Legal Ruthy! Valeu né!!!

  6. note from:

    Beautiful pics! Totally agree with Zobe Jehovah’s creation the best background for such a spiritual couple . Love you 😘

  7. note from:

    I love it. Beautiful pictures. Congratulations.

  8. note from:
    Marisol Hernandez

    Their love is evident in every picture! They are incredible individuals and as a couple united by Jehovah will be amazing! Love you guys! An gorgeous shoot Abigail 😘

  9. note from:
    Adamy Reyes

    Abigail, you did such a great job, the pictures looks gorgeous, i dont know if it helps the support of an aunt or the love they have to each other.

  10. note from:
    Evys H.

    WOW, I know im biased and all but you look great sis. Elionel too.

  11. note from:
    Ariday Cruz

    I love those pictures the scenery is amazing and you guys make such a good couple 😍

  12. note from:

    So beautiful i love it!!! You guys look amazing❤️❤️😍😍😍 B E A utiful!

  13. note from:

    I love it. Beautiful pictures.

  14. note from:

    Un dia espectacular aby,hiciste un trabajo increíble,quiero mucho a mi nieta y Elioner también. Bellos

  15. note from:
    Barby Gonzalez

    Beautiful! Like others have said, Jehovah’s creation is the perfect scenery…and with such a lovely couple! A wonderful memory to treasure for always! Awesome work Abigail! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the big day!

  16. note from:
    Amarilys Francisco

    Beautiful ! Great job & wonderful models.

  17. note from:


  18. note from:
    gerlin cabrera

    I love the pictures. It’s a beautiful place for such a beautiful couple. Love yo guys.

  19. note from:

    Ruthy! You both look so beautiful and happy 😊. I’m so happy for you! May Jehovah continue blessing you!!!💝💖

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