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Joel & Yianny · Homestead, FL

Wedding Portraits at JR Horse Ranch

A beautiful young couple and an open field of small crops. I was so excited to work with her way before the day of our shoot. Her sweetness and love for Joel was evident from our initial FaceTime meet while they were driving home that night. We agreed from the very start we wanted to focus solely on them. She gave me permission to come close. And what better way to photograph young love? I was captivated by the looks and moments they shared with each other during our time together. That closeness, that is my favorite jam of them all. To focus strictly on the looks and the feels… makes me oh so so happy. We started their lovely bridal portrait session at JR Horse Ranch and drifted away to the middle of nowhere… just how we both knew we had to. Their story deserved being told on a blank canvas.

Three years ago they met at a party at a friend’s house. Joel approached her and asked her to dance. Although she didn’t know how to dance, she still said yes. The dance of a lifetime I would say. After dancing she asked him to take a picture of her and a friend with his phone. Hers had run out of battery in the course of the night, so Joel (so willingly) agreed. Giving him the perfect opportunity to without much effort, keep Yianny’s phone number. Everything since then clicked and they were inseparable. They would spend the whole day talking to each other amazed at how they would still have things to say. This past month they had their first year anniversary. I’ll quote what she said to me, “I can honestly say its been the best year of my life. I love Joel with every single part of  my being and all I want to do is keep on building dreams together.”

I love everything about this session. Can’t wait to see what dreams these two build in the many years to come.

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Wedding gown: David’s Bridal | Make-up: @_makeupbysandra

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