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Bath-time for Coco

While I was pregnant with the boys my husband and my parents used to talk about their worries of how I would react once the babies were here in regards to the dog. You see, Coco is more than just a dog in this house. Coco has been my best pal ever since I got him almost 9 years ago. He was my first baby (fur-baby that is) and everyone was concerned I would neglect my children because the love I have for him is so strong. I would tell them then, just wait and see, everything will fall into place. Why were they worrying about something that hadn’t even happened yet? I knew deep inside my heart they were 100% wrong, but what was the use of entertaining their thoughts further. Fast forward to a year and a half that the boys have been part of this family and I’m so SO so happy to tell you all that I was right. Coco will forever be my favorite pet and companion… (he’s sitting right on me as I type this) but my children are my children. There are no words to describe the difference because it’s two different types of loves. They happen to have that deep love for animals ( just like their momma ) and I know one day they will have their own pet and feel the same way I do about Coco.

Since I’ve taken a personal oath to keep this blog as transparent as possible, there is one thing we have definitely been lacking… and that is: remembering to bathe Coco. It just seems like the days and weeks fly by over here! Between morning breakfast routine and editing, grocery shopping and picking up toys from the floor every night, my week literally disappears before I am able to keep up with what day it is. This past weekend the weather here was absolutely beautiful. Sunny and breezy, ah just the perfect time to be outside. I put the boys in charge of helping me bathe Coco and this is what they had to say about that.


My ducklings, always loving anything that has to do with water. Coco actually had two baths that day, in his eyes probably enough to last him all year. And as is today I already feel he needs a new one from sweating in the heat outside. I hope you all enjoyed taking a peek at what our simple life is like on the weekends. We try not to stress about many things, so what if the boys jumped in the dog’s bath? Our parenting method is very hands-free so to say. D and I want our boys to definitely get dirty and explore outside. Our grass hadn’t been cut in ages and they loved picking at all the weeds. That’s just it about having children. If you focus too much on whether or not they can get dirt on their shorts or mud on their face, you miss out on watching their face glow when they experience something new and fun. Because at this age just about anything is fun. Everything is new and if you just take a step back to watch them, you’ll relieve it too. William and Matthew make D and I kids all over again.

Tomorrow I will be sharing a post I have been meaning to do in such a long time. I’m so bad with editing our own personal pictures that if wasn’t because I have set myself a series “Twin Tuesdays” I probably would keep all these pictures in my hard-drive for a rainy day. I have yet to edit all of our honeymoon photographs to Australia. We had such a blast and were mesmerized by the beautiful scenery that it’s time I set aside everything else and focus on giving you guys the scoop of our trip and all our tips if you ever decide to go down under.

* Thanks to Sam & D for standing in and taking a hold of the camera in all those I am in. I love you both so much.


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