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that Time Matt almost lost a tooth

Don’t Wait

the vigoas

Ever since the boys were born I have been mentioning to my husband how it is that we personally need to hire a lifestyle photographer to come document our family life. You might think that as a photographer myself I have plenty of pictures of my own kids and maybe more than you would ever dream of. Although that may be all sadly true, we don’t have very many of us all together. At home. In our everyday mess and chaos. When the kids are being the rascals they are. I have literally put this off for two years now (which is just as old as they are). A week and a half ago on a Friday afternoon, the kids and I were spending time at home playing in the living room with their blocks. I had blocks everywhere and I honestly should of known something could of happened. But since this is a daily routine, dump the blocks and put them back in the container about three times, I went on to think nothing of our play mess. That was until Matthew slipped and fell face down while kneeling on the floor playing. I was right next to him handing William a banana when I saw him laying there crying with a mouthful of fruit. I quickly ran over to the kitchen to grab a rag to clean his face when I noticed he had chipped his front tooth pretty bad.

I freaked out and called my mom to rush over and accompany me as I brought him to whichever dental office would see him in such a short notice. My gut was killing me every time I would glance at his now crooked smile and my heart was trying really hard to remind itself, it could of been worse. So off we drove to his dentist only to be told once we were there that his doctor would not see him, that we should schedule an appointment for Monday. Crushed I stormed out of the pediatric dental office in tears because I felt as if there was nothing I could do for him at this point. My biggest fear was whether or not the tooth was loose and would have to be removed or if the nerve was exposed since he kept holding his lip and crying. So off to the emergency room I went by myself with Matt in hopes of having a better experience. Sadly once again, the only option the on call doctor could offer me there was to remove the tooth. My head kept pounding every time someone would say, it’s just his baby tooth we can remove it since he will grow new ones in a few years.

Monday came around and I brought him to another pediatric office where he was treated. (They bonded his tooth since the angle was barely exposing the nerve and filed down the sharpness. The pictures were taken just yesterday so this is what it now looks like.) It will be another year before they would be able to perform a tooth repair to fill in the chip since Matt is too young to be sedated at this point for a dental procedure. Hopefully the tooth will heal properly and we will continue to stare at that silly face of his without having to remove it. (He has a check up next week to reevaluate.) The morale of this story: Kids are unpredictable. Life is unpredictable. Sure this was just a minor injury but one that happened nonetheless. We won’t have Matthew, the perfect pearly whites two year old again.

Don’t take time for granted. ( Or teeth! 🙂 ) Don’t be too busy to make time for those things that you want to do with your family. Load up that camera roll on your phone with pictures of your babies. Pictures are what we hold on to when time has gone by. When the moment has already passed. So don’t wait. Do it now. Preserve your now and remember forever.

the vigoas

To all my non-mommy clients, I promise that next week I will have fresh content for you not related to motherhood. But these next couple of days… it will all be baby sessions! Thank you all for reading and following our life’s stories on this blog. It makes me sane to share my thoughts even if its just a few of you that will ever recall such stories. (Hi mom!) Matthew is completely okay, back to being is ninja self and we have actually gotten quite used to his new smile. It suits his quirky-self.


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