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Twins’ First Camping Trip

If you are anything like me, the mention of vacation is a sweet melodious sound that reaches the corners of my adventurous heart in such a rush that my first words are, “Yes, let’s go!” Sadly, (and not really) we aren’t that family that has everything packed up in a van traveling the world. I know as much as my fleeting heart loves adventure I can’t do without having a place to call home. This next mini trip I am about to share had us all appreciating the home we have so but soooo very much. We brought the kids camping outdoors for the first time this past May on the hottest weekend ever. The boys were all too ready to dump water on themselves every minute of the day and hang out in their diapers. But overall it was a weekend well spent with friends making memories of those we will later laugh about or still wish they hadn’t happened… like that time I dropped the spaghetti pot or the raccoon opened a hole in the tent… 🙂 Here is a little compilation of our time together with our friends outdoors and our boys’ first time camping.

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No makeup, no shoes, no worries. We were all a hot mess and for once, this was the kind of vacation we could care less about it! I also kept myself phone-free for the most of the trip and took only the images you see here (which now I wish we would of done more because that light.. Oh my!). We are already talking about the next time we will go and what we will bring then. I think some raccoon repellent is definitely top on the list since our friends Jay and Lester couldn’t sleep one night since the little critter got in and stole food from inside the tent! Bug spray was our best friend and for those of you that might be wondering, what happened to the s’mores?! The park was under a fire band and therefore we couldn’t make a campfire. We still somehow managed to get our sweet treat but I promise you it wasn’t very picturesque. That’s something that I will be looking forward to the next time. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and thanks for always checking in to keep up with the little troubles!


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