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2016 recap of Hanging out with the Vigoas

twin tuesday favorites


Another year gone in the blink of an eye. 2016, a year full of adventure and rapid growth. I feel as if this was the year they stopped being “babies” and moved along to being the official ‘troubles’. It was oh so easy for them to leave my open arms and dart in every direction away from me. Little by little they want more and more freedom. Freedom to explore, to try things for themselves and to just be. It’s a tough transition I tell you to have every second of your day planned around what the twins need to now letting them play for hours on their own together. This was the year I knew I would be able to come back to work and start up what I put on hold because of them… The day I found out I was pregnant was the last official photoshoot I did until they were already a year old. Everything stopped because William and Matthew arrived. My every goal and dream of launching my photography business here in Miami was put on queue because they were more important. Just the thought of having them in my arms was more exciting than anything else for me for a really long time. And soon enough, they arrived. Taking over my heart and all the time D and I had even for each other. They weren’t shy about making their presence the only one that truly mattered in this house those first three months. D and I still have no idea how we survived on such little sleep, food and personal attention. I think I went one time two days without showering because I was too tired… I’d say I was going to shower and then I would be dead in bed with my clothes in my hands. Fast forward to a year later, we have lots of fun taking showers. The boys LOVE love LOVE anything that has to do with water. Just recently Matthew finally learned how to say his name and William will still say that his name is Ta-ta. They love cars and particularly my brother’s car is their favorite.

I started #twintuesday posts when I launched this blog back in the summer. Ever since then I have forced myself to pick up my camera more around the house and whenever we are out and about and I am so glad I did. So many pictures of the rugrats that are much better quality than what a quick iPhone shot would be. These are pictures that as soon as we are done redecorating the house will be displayed around the house. I can’t wait! Here are a few favorites from all of our Vigoa Twins posts. I hope you all enjoy seeing bits and pieces into my own family life.

2016-07-06_0038.jpgthe-vigoas-at-home 0032016-11-15_0006.jpg2016-09-15_0042.jpg2016-12-20_0004.jpg2016-10-12_0008.jpg2016-10-11_0006.jpg2016-08-18_0001.jpg2016-08-16_0004.jpg2016-08-23_0011.jpg2016-09-15_0041.jpg2016-08-16_0013.jpg2016-07-29_0024.jpg2016-07-24_0003.jpgthe-vigoas-at-home 0142016-08-23_0010.jpg2016-11-08_0001.jpg2016-10-31_0016.jpg2016-08-11_0007.jpg2016-07-05_0003.jpg2016-07-05_0002.jpg2016-08-07_0013.jpg2016-07-06_0052.jpg2016-11-29_0021.jpg2016-09-06_0006.jpg2016-09-13_0002.jpg2016-09-19_0021.jpg2016-09-19_0018.jpg2016-11-17_0023.jpg2016-08-02_0021.jpg2016-10-18_0001.jpg2016-08-02_0014.jpg

2016-11-03_0012.jpg2016-07-18_0096.jpg2016-07-11_0007.jpg2016-07-10_0057.jpg2016-07-10_0001.jpgthe-vigoas-at-home 005

Dear W & M,

Tonight while I sat here in my room putting together this blog post, your dad put you guys to sleep and when he said I love you, you said it back. Over and over again. I know your dad and I will never get tired of hearing those three little words from you. We are amazed everyday at what smart and loving little boys you are. I have never witnessed any other siblings love each other the way you do. You can’t be apart from one another without constantly asking for one another. You hate it when one of you is asleep and do everything you can to wake each other up to play. Your dad and I have much to learn from the love you display. I admire to be just like you. I know you look up to us to learn how to go about growing and living life but there is so much you teach us everyday. You both are constantly sharing, and even when you don’t want to, one of you always gives just so that you don’t have to fight. You kiss and hug until the other is screaming and sleep every single night completely wrapped around one another. Your dad and I couldn’t possibly love you more. Thank you for filling our lives with so much joy and light. You are the best thing that has ever happened to us and we can’t wait to keep exploring life with you. We can’t wait to officially ride bikes with you and watch you take a drive on daddy’s car for the first time. Always remember to stay together and love each other as deeply as you do now no matter whatever comes between you. It’s always been just you two and no one will ever replace that special bond that only you two fully understand. I know you would rather stand in front of the t.v. instead of cuddling with me in the couch and whenever I ask for a kiss its funny to just say no, and no and no over and over again until I slobber your faces but this whole separation ends here boys. Give me at least one more year of cuddling you close. One more year of naps on my chest and tiny fingers wrapped around my neck. One more year of refusing everyone but me. One more year of wanting to be held at the same time and actually being able to carry you around… because no matter how much you weigh or how old you get, you will always be my itty bitty little babies.

the one who will always love you most,




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