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twins turn two

My goodness ladies, I can’t believe two years have passed me by so quickly. If we were talking about back when I was a teenager, I would probably be glad that time was slipping by so fast. But in this precious stage of life, being a first time mom to my twin boys, there’s not a second of the day that I want to go by quicker than it should. There are moments I want to last forever and memories I want to hold on to for the rest of our lives. My sons turn two today and as if I needed more of a confirmation that they are no longer in their baby stage, this is what they are up to now:

  • First haircut yesterday sitting all by themselves on the grown up chair. No crying or twitching. Straight up manly behavior this time around.
  • They now speak a total of 20+ which sometimes isn’t understood by everyone since they have their own versions, but I’ve come to almost have a conversation with them.
  • William likes saying car. Matthew likes saying carro. I wonder if it will always be that way? Nevertheless, we call Will the gringo.
  • D will walk in the room and they sometimes won’t take a glance his way, which is sad, I know. I will walk in and I’m still received with “Mamiii”. We know this will also change, and its also sad, that soon enough our children will ignore us. But for now, I still seem to get attention!
  • They love watching Peppa Pig, Cars ( the first movie ), Blaze and Squeak above everything else.
  • Matthew and William love Coco. Matt seems to be a lot more tender with him as opposed to William who LOVES throwing toys right at him to fetch. Coco is slowly but surely loving them too. He has already gone to their room to snuggle with them and will often sit right by them whenever daddy is not watching on the couch.
  • Their favorite food is grandma’s arroz con frijoles negros. They like black beans above every other color. They are very picky with their meat. Unless you put it altogether on the spoon and trick them that way. Matthew however will eat pretty much anything.
  • My favorite words they say:
    • Matthew: camion (ka-me-yon), sit down (si-dow), I love you
    • William: Uh-oh (perfectly says it), Daddy (says it with an accent maybe because he watches too much Peppa, but I LOVE IT)
  • They still love puddles and anything that has water.
  • They love to race and will say: two, three, gooooo (even though I am really trying to teach them: ready, set, go!)
  • Everyone still says Matthew looks just like my dad and that William is my mini-me.
  • They give the best kisses and hugs, on command or just because. Matthew likes to take a kiss instead of giving one and William will just pretty much eat your face.

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Dear Will & Matt,

The happiest and best part of the past year is always you. Every day I wake up listening to you call for me, and although I would love to have five more minutes asleep in bed, I’m happy to have you around again because I miss you while you sleep. You may think I go to sleep as well when we put you down for the night, but most nights mom is working trying to get things done so that in the morning we are back to you and me time. Sometimes I lay there watching videos of you, pictures of you, and crying over the fact that I can’t believe you are mine. That I love you the way I do. It’s not always easy waking up and having a fun filled day because I get physically tired, and moody over things that have nothing to do with you. And besides my best efforts, there are things that still make me frustrated and sad. But if there is one thing that cheers me up every single time, is seeing you both love each other. I’ll sit inside of your crib watching you play and bring toys to me. I’ll see you choose me over your toys and everything else I had in my mind seems less significant than spending time with you. I know it won’t always be this way, there will be a day you get embarrassed over our kisses or you won’t want to hold my hand while we cross the street… but now, today… you still let me. Seeing you grow makes me so happy. So proud of the little things you discover on your own. How it is you think of each other when its time to share, and how you wake up every morning after seeing me, looking for Coco, wanting to wake him up too. You are only two years old and you already have a sense for family, of belonging. The truth is that your dad and I couldn’t of asked for a better family. Two better sons. Or settle with just one of you. Because having you both in our lives, is the greatest thing that has ever happened to us. We love you. I love you. Always and always.

♥ Momma

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I had my husband pitch in a bit of his take on today:

Two years ago today I got one of the biggest surprises any man can have. I got two boys for the price of one. Abby and I had always talked about the fact that maybe I might of wanted girls because girls are more attached to their dads. As true as that may be, I feel as if there is no bigger blessing than to have these two midgets in my life. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a daughter, I’m not going to lie, there are major differences. For one, William and Matthew both live for their mom. Once in a while I will get the occasional hug or kiss but it’s nothing compare to the affection they show their momma. I got to admit, I sometimes get a bit jealous and sad over the fact that I have to leave the house everyday to work and don’t even get a kiss or a hug before I do. Although when mommy leaves the house they cry and kiss her and ask about mommy all day when she’s gone. Yes, William and Matthew are mommas boys. Although I don’t feel their affection as often as I’d like or get the love that mommy gets, it still brings a smile to my face the fact that they will look at me and say daddy. True its usually when they want or need something but I’ll settle for the cuteness.

They are turning two today and I have seen them grow so much. Time has passed so fast and these two little midgets that couldn’t stand, crawl or even lift their heads up, are now climbing, jumping and running all over our house. I see how much they love to play and how much they love water and it makes me happy to see they are so happy. I can honestly say, I could never regret the fact they are boys and although I wouldn’t mind a girl someday, there is nothing as amazing as seeing them go crazy over cars and yell: Car! Car! or lately when they see two cars about to race they will yell: ready, set, go!

Anyone who knows me and knows my obsession with cars will know I could not be more proud to share a deep bond with my kids over something so simple. They love cars just as much as I do and it cracks me up. I hope as the future comes and they keep growing they can keep having things in common with daddy because I know the deep affectionate love is meant for momma. But if I get lucky to have my kids share a portion of their lives with me something so silly as their love for cars, it will all be worth it just to see that retarded smile or grin they have when they’re happy. I know life is hard William and Matthew, but just remember daddy loves you and he will always be there trying to make you happy.

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Thank you mom for coming along to make sure they didn’t escape while I had the camera in front of my face. I am pretty sure people thought we were nuts and I’ve come to realize this is just getting harder and harder sometimes the wilder they get. Anyone up for helping me chase down children?


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    Beautiful post, made me all emotional lol. such handsome little gentlemen! ❤️

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      Abigail Vigoa

      Hi Lili! Thank you so much for you comment 🙂

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