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Amelia Earhart Park · TWIN TUESDAYS

Will & Matt’s Mother

They light a flame in my heart that burns longer than any feeling I’ve ever felt. 

This past week I brought my brother, who is also my assistant, along with me to the park with the boys. It had been way too long since I had stepped in front of the camera with my kids. I’ve let myself get caught up with client meets and sessions a bit more than I would like most days. One of the things I made myself promise was that I’d sacrifice a lot of things once I’d get back to work, but not spending time with my kids. Hence why it’s late at night and I’m blogging… sleep I can sacrifice, but everyday cuddles with my little munchkins, that’s a tough thing to give up. I wanted to share with you all the snaps Sam took of us. Just like most of you moms, my goal was just to have a chaos free time at the park. But that wouldn’t be us. I present to you my version of motherhood unscripted. Our chaos that is what I call every day life with William and Matthew.


When peek-a-boo and horsey failed, I brought out the big guns. Water. My children are obsessed with water. I will usually fuss at them every time they flip the bottle over and drench themselves. But that day… I figured – If you can’t beat them, join them. Had ourselves an impromptu spring shower and boy did they LOVE it. William took things a big too serious as he always does and wasn’t quite ready to put the bottle away, as you can tell, and that’s why it seems like this was the Matthew show. So often it feels like it’s the Matthew show that it hurts my already divided heart. There’s a battle between letting William be the independent child he is shaping to be and just scooping him up like I do with Matt whether he wants to or not. Something about that just doesn’t settle with me right. So I let him be him. Which in reality, Will is the sweetest thing, but it’s when he wants to be and how he likes to be. Matt on the other hand is just tied to my hip. It’s not a matter of sweetness, it’s like glue. Momma’s boy got nothing on Matthew. Listen to me rant on about the troubles… I can literally talk about them forever. I won’t because I’m scared you will all realize I’m a bit obsessed. Just a little bit.

So the next time you are worrying about family photos, try something less than perfect. Let’s just roll with it and give the kids the freedom to get dirty and be kids. Time goes by so quickly that if we don’t stop to treasure the messes we get into they will be on to the next best thing. { Side note: After teaching them for fourth months straight : “Boys, how old are you?” tonight they finally responded with pointed finger and all. Mini celebration over here that we’re not totally sucking at this parenting thing. 🙂 }

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