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Hanging out with the Vigoas · TWIN TUESDAYS

mama duck

They are my dream come true. I have no words to express just how happy they make me everyday. How there are moments I squeeze them real tight and want to stay that way forever. That heart-string that pulls when I have them close enough to smell that sweet smell that only my babies have. Ugh it’s intoxicating! I think this is only something that other moms would understand.

Among many of the other things I love is the rain, and they’ve already had their fair share of experimenting with momma. Things that my own mother would kill me for, and pretty much all other Cuban mothers… because in our Cuban culture rain makes you sick. So if it’s raining you stay inside because if not you’ll positively die. -_- Yeah that’s how I’ve always felt about that.

A wonderful idea for families to try now that rainy season (isn’t it always in Miami) is fast approaching is getting all suited up for lots of fun in puddles! [ Mind you, my little ones are only a year old, so they haven’t quite grasped the concept of jumping, but they tried. ] And we had loads of fun watching them try. I couldn’t wait until their raincoats actually fit to get out there and take pictures of them with their outfits. We will most definitely have to do a reshoot of this soon.

rain boots: Western Chief  | boys yellow raincoat: Gymboree  | red coat: Banana Republic

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