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LIZ & VICTOR · Miami Beach, FL

Firefighter Engagement Session

When I was planning how I wanted to post these next set of images I kept thinking that the story I wanted to tell had to come directly from the couple. There’s so much to be said from just looking at their images but I’ve got weak knees for love stories straight from the couple themselves. Years down the road, I love to look back at what was said and what felt like it was the right thing to share. I mean I’m sure you will all agree that Liz and Victor are the cutest and their love is so warm and sweet from just looking at their session, but what else… what made/makes them love one another?

from Liz when asked to tell me about Victor:

“Victor became my friend before anything else. I was drawn to how he could always make me crack up, even if it was over a text message. He made my day, everyday, since I met him. Our relationship began in a summer filled with pranks, late night ice-cream, laughs and burgers. Lots and lots of burgers. Before I knew it, I was falling in love with a guy that just walked into my life. Victor is the most lighthearted, romantic, optimistic person I’ve ever met. I have never seen him upset. His smile can brighten my worst day. I feel so fortunate to be able to call myself the future Mrs. Whitaker.”

from Victor when asked to tell me about Liz:

“The first day I laid eyes on Elizabeth she was throwing rocks at me while I was laying on a hammock. Needless to say her beauty wasn’t the only thing that got my attention. Ever since that day I haven’t taken my eyes off of her. She is so beautiful and has the best personality I have ever seen. She can’t go ten seconds without humming or dancing and I love that about her. Her attitude and outlook towards life is much like mine. We both are always up for anything at any time and I feel that’s why we are happy together. I knew early on that Elizabeth was someone I had to hold on to and could see myself marrying. Now that I’m engaged to the girl of my dreams I couldn’t be happier.”

I couldn’t of said any of it better myself. You guys are the kind of couple who’s chemistry flies off the screen. I absolutely loved photographing you.

A little story about what happened during our time at the fire station. The first place we decided to start our session was where Victor works, being that he is a firefighter, Miami Fire Station #5. The folks there had been teasing Victor that they were going to drop buckets of water from above the roof ledge, so we were already expecting some kind of prank to happen. This had me looking just about anywhere for an unexpected downpour on my camera. So we walk in and Victor leaves us to go get changed and tells us to take a look around to see where we can shoot. Liz and I were actually pretty excited to be there so we do as he said, just walking around admiring the trucks and looking for all available light to shoot. As one of the chiefs walks into the station and sees us there he automatically assumes we were trespassing trying to do some kind of modeling thing with the trucks. He tries to ask us out nicely by telling us that he’s going to shut the doors because sometimes people just walk in to the station. That didn’t apply to us so we just smiled. I tell him we are there to shoot Victor’s engagement photos. “Oh really”, he says. (mind you, his name is also Victor. Totally thought we were pulling his leg here.) And I say “yes, this is Liz, Victor’s fiance.” (more crazy looks…) And then he just went to go ask around as Liz’s Victor walks back to us and saves the day.  Just a couple minutes longer and we would of been escorted out of there taken as two crazy chicks trespassing!

Taking their engagement photos at the fire station had me feeling like a little kid on a field trip. I wanted to jump in that truck and have Victor sound all the alarms. ( I didn’t, but I sure would of wanted to.) I would tell Liz and Victor that I wanted them to channel their inner hotness and that these pictures needed to be sexy. Ok go! ( Liz bursts out laughing…) And that my friends is how we spent the whole day. Giggles and more giggles.

We went to lunch at Five Guys in South Beach where Liz and Victor had their first date/meet. The kind of date that Liz could just not shake off. Good thing Victor was persistent and creative. Ahh love… it’s some kind of wonderful indeed.


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