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South Florida Vendor Spotlight · Makeup Artist Jackiy Aviles

Beauty tips with Jackiy

Good morning friends! I recently collaborated with one of my recommended vendors, Jackiy Aviles, in a very natural beauty shoot for a stunning momma and her two precious daughters. You might recognize Jackiy from seeing her once before on the blog when I took some of her maternity pictures a couple months back when she was expecting baby Lyla. Not only is she a radiant mom herself she happens to be one of make-up artist I recommend to my girls when booking a session. Her work always looks fresh and very natural which pairs perfectly with the feeling I like to have in my images. She was more than happy to share with me a few beauty tips that I think will benefit us all..

What are three beauty products every mom should have in the diaper bag?

If there’s something all of us moms have in common is that we are tired! You will instantly look more awake by getting an under eye corrector that will cover any darkness under the eyes. Mascara is an instant eye lift so I recommend that as well. However, if you’re not in the mood for putting some mascara I recommend some blush to give a flush healthy look. Last but not least some chapstick to hydrate the lips.


What are some tips you can give a bride booking a makeup artist.

When booking a makeup artist it is important to give all the details such as amount of people, location, and the time to be ready. Always book a trial! You may have one look in mind but once it’s actually done there may be some things you’d want to tweak here and there. Also, narrow down what you know you like and don’t like. Do you like your skin to look matte? To have a glow? Lashes? All of this information will help you and your artist to transform you into the bride you’ve always envisioned yourself to be.

Should a client bring their day-to-day foundation for best results? What else could they bring?

Makeup artists have every color and type of foundation to accommodate to the clients skin. However, if you have a foundation that you love and you know that works for you I don’t see why not to bring it and use it. What I always do recommend is to bring the lip color you plan on wearing. I have long wearing lip stains, glosses, pencils, and lipsticks and will honestly tell my clients there’s a good chance it won’t last because of that fact I don’t know what you’re going to eat or how long it will specifically wear on you. If you bring your own you can always reapply!

What’s your favorite winter makeup trend?

One of my all time favorites is having fun with darker lip colors in fall. Reds, plums, chocolate, just rich vibrant colors! You can have the most simple makeup look but can instantly change it with a red lip!


Any tips for having healthier skin?

We must value or skincare more than our makeup. Think about it – If you take care of face there’s even less of a chance of needing more concealer, or foundation for unevenness, pimples, etc. First narrow down the type of skin you have. If you need help I recommend hiring an esthetician for a facial and to inspect your skin. It’s worth the investment! Once you do that you can get into your skincare routine.

Here are some important tips:

  • For daytime you must have some SPF. Those sun rays are more damaging than some may think and can be unforgiving to our skin. Your skin can age three times as more if you don’t combat the sun!
  • Get a cleanser that won’t break your skin out. One of my favorites is Purity by Philosophy. A moisturizer for the face. Don’t forget your neck and chest! They need some love too.
  • An eye cream to hydrate your eyes which is the most delicate and should always be taken care of.
  • For the lips you can buy a scrub , make your own or do what I do! I simply use my toothbrush to scrub my lips. Also, a good lip mask/chapstick. Here’s a good secret.. You can also use your eye cream around your lips to avoid fine lines!
  • For night I recommend a night face mask. It’s a moisturizer that penetrates the skin even more so through the night. If you have oily skin you would only need it once or twice a week.

Thank you so much Jackiy for sharing with us some of your beauty tricks!! For booking information and to see a broad sample of Jackiy’s work you can check out her instagram page here!


I hope you all have enjoyed reading something bit different on the blog this morning. The more I picture what I would like my blog to be like the more it shifts into a community for women of ages hang out each morning. Whether it would be to check out the latest family I worked with or learn a bit about how to work their camera phone like a pro, stories of potty training the rascal twins and the occasional exchange where other women share tips on their expertise making this your daily dose of girl talk via web.


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