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The comeback year


My how things changed in these short 12 months. This time last year I was still on maternity leave enjoying every minute of the day spent at home with my boys. I kept telling myself I would start working again when the boys turned six months and something about those cute chunky faces of theirs kept me from wanting to leave them behind even if just for a couple of hours for a session. That was until there was much talk about whether or not I would document Jaylin & Lester’s engagement session … I knew I had to stop putting it off. That session lit enough of a fire in me that soon enough I started making plans to start working again. Again after three years of taking a break. Sure I would shoot a session here and there, but my heart was everywhere else but wanting to work for other people. Then I shot Yianny & Joel’s bridal session in January (a special one I tell you), and I knew I was ready to pick up the camera for good. Start all over if I had to. And that my friends, is exactly what I did.

Even though I started my photography business back in 2009 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana taking such an extended break meant I had lots of work to do all over again. There are lots of things I implemented back then that I still haven’t had the time to do so now. This year has really been the comeback year. Not only because of relaunch but also because I have rediscovered an admiration for photographing couples that in the past I had swayed away from. I still kick myself in the butt sometimes for telling Jaylin that I wasn’t ready to shoot her wedding… yes it happens. There are many times I look back and wonder what really was holding me back. Whether the kids were just a front to the reality that I was scared to start from scratch. The more I looked at pictures of them and admired those few we had taken of all of us, the more I knew it was time to extend that love forward to other families.

Friends, here are almost all of the sessions I have shot this year. I have had some that were way too easy, too enjoyable and too perfect in my book. I have had some challenging days when the unpredictable Miami weather changes our plans and things don’t turn out as expected. I have cried more than a handful of times watching other moms love on their babies. I have even cried listening to a best man speech. One baby pooped on me even though I generally don’t do naked posey pictures anymore. I unknowingly was laying on an ant pile during one of the sessions and had welts because of the little monsters for a week. Jael, Samuel and I discovered that no matter how much repellant you layer on, chiggers are the worst tiny insects ever. I prepared a surprise proposal. I danced around in delight while the sky turned pink and purple many times. I drooled over watching my own children model their little butts off for my camera. And the most memorable moment of all, was watching my friend Liz marry the man of her dreams. That night after shooting their wedding, Samuel, Jael and I were exhausted, but oh so happy. The first wedding to set off the domino effect. I leave you all with favorites from each of the 2016 sessions:

2016-12-22_0001.jpg 2016-12-21_0004.jpg2016-12-22_0008.jpg2016-12-21_0002.jpg2016-12-29_0005.jpg2016-12-21_0006.jpg2016-12-22_0013.jpg2016-12-21_0007.jpg2016-06-26_0208.jpg2016-06-26_0159.jpg2016-12-21_0011.jpg2016-12-22_0016.jpg2016-12-21_0038.jpg2016-12-22_0004.jpg2016-12-22_0014.jpg2016-12-21_0010.jpg2016-12-21_0012.jpg2016-12-21_0017.jpg2016-12-21_0016.jpg2016-07-08_0019.jpg2016-07-05_0034.jpg2016-12-22_0002.jpg2016-12-21_0015.jpg2016-12-22_0015.jpg2016-12-21_0019.jpg2016-12-21_00142016-12-21_00182016-12-30_0002.jpg2016-12-22_0009.jpg2016-12-21_0023.jpg2016-12-21_0026.jpg2016-12-21_0009.jpg2016-12-21_0027.jpg2016-12-21_0028.jpg2016-12-21_0029.jpg2016-12-21_0030.jpg

Favorite picture of the year award goes to:


Thank you all so much for loving on us and continuing to follow along the blog even if it’s been a while since we worked together. To my friends that visit just to catch up on what I am up to. To my mom that faithfully reads my blog even if she says I write “a newspaper” each post. To my friend Vanessa for continuing to make my website visions a reality. To Samuel for being my right hand. And last but not least, to my family for loving me enough to allow me to pursue this dream of mine. It’s because of them that I am able to escape with each one of you and create memories. Even as I prepare this blog post, my dear husband is patently waiting for me to go to bed. Thank you babe for always supporting me even when you’re upset that means we’re going to bed at the crack of dawn everyday working the late nights. LOVE YOU! There’s already so much lined up for 2017 that I can’t wait for it to start. Today I photographed my last 2016 session and hopefully later on today I can squeeze another blog post. If not, friends until next year!


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