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a new year

abigail vigoa photography

Just like that we’re two days down of new year. I had told myself I would participate in some form of a 365 project this time around.. and I totally missed my opportunity now! I can’t believe how quickly time escapes us all when we’re busy having fun or just busy living life. Something about having new year resolutions never quite settles well with me because it’s almost as if I am setting a rule that I am so ready to break so why bother. But for the past month or so I have been working up this post in my subconscious of all the things I want to try and make the most of during 2017.

  • Explore all of the recreational parks in South Florida. (All of them)
  • Travel somewhere for a photo shoot or wedding. (Louisiana doesn’t count since that’s a second home at this point.)
  • Take a summer vacation with the boys.
  • Take a solo trip to unwind and recharge.
  • Photograph a newborn set of twins.
  • Upgrade my Mark III to a Mark IV.
  • Have at least one personal/just because/creative shoot a month.
  • Photograph a couple out at sea with their bathing suits.
  • Embark on a road trip with Samuel to photograph places and things.
  • Have a couples photo shoot of D and I.
  • Attempt to bake sugar cookies just so that I can decorate them like all the countless of Instagram videos I watch.
  • Visit the Grand Canyon with my family
    • Shoot a session while I’m there.
  • Travel my city as a tourist.
  • Start a mommy-photographer group in my area.
  •  Get new business cards.
  • Launch my couples website.
  • Print my favorite pictures for my office.
  • Work on more instructional blog posts for beginner photographers.
  • Take the boys camping.
  • Find a videographer partnering company that I love.

I know that as I remember and come up with things that I am not embarrassed or feel that they are too personal to share I will continue to add to that list. And as things are done, I will scratch off as well. Just as everyone else, I want this year to be great… I mean last year was amazing. The year before that was really great too, so you start to wonder if this is just something that keeps getting better until your kids one day say, I hate you. (Hoping that day never comes.)

Photography is something that never lets me down. Even if years go by without picking up my big camera for anyone but myself, it always feels good to have that viewfinder in my face. Something about fishing around for the shot and waiting for the right moment to press a shutter makes me really happy. Being back at this on a regular basis with my clients and with my own children brings so much joy to my life that if I could only figure out how to put it into words I would print it and stick it on my refrigerator. I was always afraid of having both, a business and children, because I never wanted them to feel that they came second in my life. This is something I strive to live up to every single day. Whether I am out there meeting a client or at a wedding photographing the night away, rest assure my family’s well being is always in my mind. It comes along with being a parent. I have a lots of goals here and there for this year regarding my business and family life, but the most important one of all is finding balance. Working my behind off to really get this business in the direction I want it to be without affecting the happiness of my family. That my friends might as well be the toughest thing to figure out, but watch me try.

abigail vigoa photography

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