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The Vigoas at home · Twin Tuesdays

morning troubles

I’d say my favorite time of day is once I have gotten over the grogginess of having to get out of bed, prep milk for the boys and change diapers. We all lay together in bed and I tickle their feet while the drink their milk. This is routine. I know it won’t last forever but somedays I lay there wishing it would. I take their hands and measure just how much they have grown in this past short year. It’s a bittersweet feeling seeing your children grow up. One part of you wants them to grow smart and strong and the other is crying inside at the fact that you no longer have babies. At least that’s how it’s been for me since day one. Everything about having them makes me emotional. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not extremely thankful for our little blessings, William & Matthew.

Samuel joined us a bit after our morning ritual for  bit of shenanigans on the bed. The lighting that day wasn’t the greatest because it was actually raining outside, but I love these pictures so much. I look at them and I can clearly see their personalities shine. Sometimes I think that Sam doesn’t realize that every time he picks up a camera and snaps pictures of us he’s gifting me with memories that I will forever cherish. I truly believe he hasn’t grasped the gravity that they hold in my heart.

I hope you all enjoy seeing a bit of the troubles in their most natural of forms… being all whack together and of course with Coco.

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They got a little carried away with that last one, but then again, that’s them. Everyday. All day. I give you all the unfiltered, William and Matthew experience.

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