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Arlo at home

The greatest wonder of being a new parent is having that huge sense of gratitude along with the heavy weight of responsibility. Simultaneously balancing both all day is quite frankly what those few weeks are all about. And if I were to go further what I myself have experienced, thats what parenting is all about. You love your children instantly. They are the fruit of your love with your partner and a blessing in human form. Your little person. But just as God has blessed you with this tiny human, you now are the sole care taker of all his and her needs. Hence why the sleepless nights, the constant feeding, diaper changes, laundry LAUNDRY laundry. All amounting to two willing exhausted parents. But we do it, sometimes more than once, with each of our babies. We love them so much that the gratitude outweighs the responsibility. It’s not our duty, its our will to be there for them and take care of them with the utmost attention to detail.

First time moms, we excel in making sure all our i’s have been dotted and that our babies have everything they can possibly need or want while preparing our nest. They call it nesting, because just as momma birds prepare their nest for their eggs, we do the same with our babies. Once the little ones are here, that beautiful nest might get a bit fluffed and feathered but we somehow find comfort in it all. Music in the sweet noises they make while they sleep. Delight in the smell of their little heads. Warmth in their cuddle while asleep… and that’s all that matters. The house, our hair, our clothes…. that’s all secondary to that sweet baby in our arms.

While photographing Arlo at home I was reminded of those sweet newborn days that pass by ever so quickly. Watching how Shaleen and Dan cuddled him and held him so perfectly in their arms was like knowing that’s where he has belonged all along. He was meant for them. So much so they didn’t want to pass him on to each other. Having him in their lives makes their house now a complete home, and it shows by just taking a small glance into their session. Of course I won’t leave out their pup which was making sure everything and everyone was okay at all times. I love that Shaleen found me way back when she did before she knew that Arlo was an Arlo. Watching their story evolve every step of parenthood is such a treat. Can’t wait to see that little man chase circles around Bruschi.


That book that Shaleen is reading to Arlo is called Wish by Matthew Cordell. A while back while browsing online I came across it and read it in the verge of tears. I remember sitting here in my desk sobbing after finishing as if something terrible had happened. D looked at my teary faced and asked me what was wrong and there came the water works once again. The book tells the story about a family that wants to have a baby. And I would continue to say more but I won’t, I’ll let you find the book and read it yourself. It has a three thumbs up in my list.

Watching Arlo’s journey is so special… from baby bump to birth and now. Makes me all warm inside to know I’ve captured these sweet beginnings.

I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy snuggle time with your loved ones. I have quite a busy work weekend ahead so I can’t wait until Monday comes around so I can lazy around with my boys in bed all day. Thanks to Shaleen we are constantly considering getting the boys a big dog. More like getting a big dog for me and D to play with, but we will just say it’s for the boys. A great dane is definitely one of our top breeds so I cannot wait to get the “okay” from D to have ourselves a new puppy! The boys will flip!

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