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Scheduling time for Bride and Groom Portraits

Wedding Bridal Portraits

As this first month of 2017 comes to an end (I can’t believe the weeks passed by so quickly) I am reflecting on all the plans I have set for myself this year. One of my goals is to launch my couples [engagements, bridals, weddings & anniversaries] site within the next couple of months. It’s been a long time coming ever since the launch of and I cannot wait to see our project fully come to life. I have been slowly building a wedding portfolio reflective of the kind of work I wish to continue to offer all of my lovely couples. Which leads to the reason I wanted to write this chatty blog post… let’s talk about bridal portraits. Whether they are taken before, after or during a wedding they are by far my favorite kind of pictures I can ever take of a couple. I have come up with a couple of tips to make these extra special and reasons why you should take the time to have them done.

  • Bride and groom (bridal portraits) sessions focus solely on the most important couple of the day, you two. I am not detracting from the ever special father-daughter images, bridesmaids squad or grandma kissing the groom favorites by no means. But it is an universal truth that on their wedding day the bride and groom are the stars. Dedicating time away from the crowd to yourselves is an important part of the day.
  • Here’s one common thought: We don’t have time during our wedding to set aside time to do outdoor bridal portraits. Wedding days can be very restrictive when following an orderly timeline. We spend months planning this special day and it seems to be over before we know it. If that were to be the case, that for whatever reason you are not able to fit this special bridal portrait time (even if we’re talking about 20-30 minutes) during your wedding date, take advantage of scheduling a session once you have come back from your honeymoon. So many of my friends and recent couples have scheduled a bridal session because they wanted picturesque beautiful natural light portraits of themselves in their wedding attire that they were not able to get on their wedding date. You can see their sessions here:

 Jaylin & Lester Bridal Portraits in Key Biscayne, FL

Anais & Adonai Bridal Portraits in Davie, FL

Liz & Victor Bridal Portraits in Coral Gables, FL

Yianny & Joel Bridal Portraits in Homestead, FL

miami wedding photographer
miami wedding photographer

  • If you are scheduling time before the ceremony to have a first-look, (this is when the bride and groom privately see each other for the first time with a photographer there to document all the tears and excitement) you are already ensuring that you will get that special time for bride and groom portraits. New traditions yield big rewards when it comes to the first look.  Just imagine how much stress you will take off your plate when you have already taken your bride and groom portraits, bridal group shots and individuals before the ceremony even starts!
  • If you are planning on having portrait time between the ceremony and reception give yourself enough time for both family portraits and bride and groom. Sometimes family portrait time which at times includes the bridal party as well, will steal away most of the time you set aside so a good twenty minutes buffer is key when scheduling a timeline.

miami wedding photographer
miami wedding photographer2016-11-23_0028.jpg

  • Trash the dress and overall post wedding portraits: you have already married the person of your dreams and you are now free to run, jump and swim in the ocean if you so choose because the wedding is over! This is the time to fully immerse yourself into the celebration of your marriage and commemorate that special day when the two of you said, I do.
  • Envision your bedroom/living room walls and the place where you would like to hang a portrait of your wedding day, what does that look like? Are you surrounded by your friends and family members as you shared your first kiss as husband and wife or walking down the aisle in celebration that you just tied the knot? Or maybe its at the reception during your first dance? Most of you will answer no to all of those options and mention that you would like a nice picture of just you two.

miami wedding photographer
miami wedding photographer
miami wedding photographer

  • Picking a location: perhaps the ceremony and reception is indoors but you have always wanted pictures in a field or the beach, what then? If time permits and you happen to be in the vicinity during the wedding day, why not make a pit stop in a place along the way? Another idea is having these portrait photos done before arriving to the ceremony. Here in South Florida there are numerous parks and the beach coast is never too far away to take advantage of changing the scenery during your wedding day.
  • Post wedding session? The location of your dreams is possible!

miami wedding photographer
miami wedding photographer
miami wedding photographer2016-12-21_0038.jpg

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