Luke's Birth Story Slideshow Luke - 2nd Kennedy baby & Sam's best friend. Luke was born in 2009 at Woman's Hospital - Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Lilly's Birth Story Slideshow Lilly - 3rd Kennedy baby & princess of the house. Lilly was born in 2013 at Woman's Hospital - Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Sunny Isles sunrise Maternity Session

awaiting baby Zara

I had such a great morning photographing this beautiful couple at the beach. Kayla and Leonard remind me so much of what my husband and I looked like when I had my baby bump. Zara is quite comfy in her home for now, no plans of evicting the area soon . If only she would give us a heads up as to her arrival. Until then, we will all anxiously wait until it’s time to head to the hospital to meet her. During the session I couldn’t help myself from admiring Kayla’s belly move and wiggle while I was photographing her. It is the coolest thing to watch at this point in her pregnancy. The shapes her belly gets into are phenomenal.

Tree Tops Park Maternity Photography

awaiting baby Olivia

Catching up on my blogging is no easy task with two soon-to-be toddlers crawling around the house non-stop! And to top it off, I broke my arm about 2 months ago and had to stop working/typing altogether. So here I am. Cast off. Ready to make up for lost time. I shot my first session after the accident this past weekend and felt great. Definitely looking forward to opening up my schedule once again and start planning what new photo shoots we will do in the upcoming months. The weather is taking such a wonderful turn for outdoor shoots, I had the dreamiest of lights ever during that engagement shoot I recently photographed. It had me swooning over my couple and their love like oohhh and ahhh you’re going to love these pictures!!!