Luke's Birth Story Slideshow Luke - 2nd Kennedy baby & Sam's best friend. Luke was born in 2009 at Woman's Hospital - Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Lilly's Birth Story Slideshow Lilly - 3rd Kennedy baby & princess of the house. Lilly was born in 2013 at Woman's Hospital - Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
How we planned a surprise proposal for Jael

Our fake “website shoot”

Friday, March 17th 12:15 AM 

Jael says: “What if Lu wants to propose in your photo shoot?”

Abigail says: “Then what better time than while I have a camera in my hand.”

For as long as I can remember I have been imagining the day my cousin Jael would find the man of her dreams and he would ask her to marry him. And now there is Lu (Ludgeor). When the time was right he walked back into her life and it was as if a storm had blown her away. She was a different Jael. Gone were the days of third wheeling and hugging tacos. No more cheesy Jael cutting pictures of herself and inserting them on images of me and D making fun of ‘our love’.

South Florida Vendor Spotlight · Makeup Artist Jackiy Aviles

Beauty tips with Jackiy

Good morning friends! I recently collaborated with one of my recommended vendors, Jackiy Aviles, in a very natural beauty shoot for a stunning momma and her two precious daughters. You might recognize Jackiy from seeing her once before on the blog when I took some of her maternity pictures a couple months back when she was expecting baby Lyla. Not only is she a radiant mom herself she happens to be one of make-up artist I recommend to my girls when booking a session. Her work always looks fresh and very natural which pairs perfectly with the feeling I like to have in my images. She was more than happy to share with me a few beauty tips that I think will benefit us all..


be still, my heart.

It’s amazing to look back at what these past three years have been like in comparison to the rest of my life. Was I even really living then? Sure I had my wonderful moments, but I honestly believe that everything came together for me when my husband D and I started dating. Sometimes teenage girls that I know will talk to me about my family. “Oh Abby, you guys have the perfect life. Perfect family. Perfect job… how did you know that he was the one?” Quite frankly every time this happens I wish I could bare my broken little soul and tell them all about how perfection doesn’t exist and how I wasn’t always in this happy bubble,


twins turn two

My goodness ladies, I can’t believe two years have passed me by so quickly. If we were talking about back when I was a teenager, I would probably be glad that time was slipping by so fast. But in this precious stage of life, being a first time mom to my twin boys, there’s not a second of the day that I want to go by quicker than it should. There are moments I want to last forever and memories I want to hold on to for the rest of our lives. My sons turn two today and as if I needed more of a confirmation that they are no longer in their baby stage, this is what they are up to now:

  • First haircut yesterday sitting all by themselves on the grown up chair.

flashback to when…

It seems like yesterday I was still breastfeeding the boys at home while eating a lunch trying to not land food on their heads. Yes, those twenty minutes that they fed I would eat too. It was the only time I had them both calm enough where nothing else mattered to them but FOOD. I remember that around this time I was already beginning to feel the end our breastfeeding journey was near and it saddened me to think that they would no longer “need” me that way. I use to think we would loose our connection. My favorite part of our day was that, sitting or laying, nursing them. It made me feel like a mother. Like their person.