Luke's Birth Story Slideshow Luke - 2nd Kennedy baby & Sam's best friend. Luke was born in 2009 at Woman's Hospital - Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Lilly's Birth Story Slideshow Lilly - 3rd Kennedy baby & princess of the house. Lilly was born in 2013 at Woman's Hospital - Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Twins’ First Camping Trip

If you are anything like me, the mention of vacation is a sweet melodious sound that reaches the corners of my adventurous heart in such a rush that my first words are, “Yes, let’s go!” Sadly, (and not really) we aren’t that family that has everything packed up in a van traveling the world. I know as much as my fleeting heart loves adventure I can’t do without having a place to call home. This next mini trip I am about to share had us all appreciating the home we have so but soooo very much. We brought the kids camping outdoors for the first time this past May on the hottest weekend ever. The boys were all too ready to dump water on themselves every minute of the day and hang out in their diapers.

Visiting Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park · TWIN TUESDAYS

Road-tripping with Toddlers

the vigoa twins

It’s been a while since I last posted about the boys and since its #twintuesday… let’s catch you all up on what’s been going on with the Vigoas. The twins are officially no longer babies. They are all about doing everything on their own such as eating, putting and taking off clothes to just name a few. Last month we took a mini-road-trip to Louisiana for work and although I already blogged about our time there by sharing the Kennedy’s photos there is still these next sweet pictures my husband snapped of us while we enjoyed a break from being in the car at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park in Gainesville, FL. D is no photographer ( at least not yet 😉 anyways ) but he agreed to indulge me and give in to my requests.

Louisiana family road trip · TWIN TUESDAYS

Visiting Fontainebleau State Park

fontainebleau state park family session

We’re back!! First off I want to apologize for the delayed responses you will be receiving to your messages and calls. As I mentioned before we were out of the office all last week as we had a travel birth session in the works. Everything went just as planned, but more on that tomorrow and later on this week. We decided to make a road trip out it since it had been a while that D, the kids and I had taken any vacation for ourselves. Friends, I am so happy we did. Sure we could of boarded a plane and gotten there two hours later, but this little trip was so special. On the way there I was the designated driver since D had Lasik surgery the week before and was still recovering.


the Vigoas at Disney

disney family trip

Just a couple of months ago, we brought the boys to Disney World with my parents and Sam. It was their second trip but the first one doesn’t actually count since they were just babies back then. I had Samuel record lots of video footage of us so that I could later put together our first ‘family trip video’. ( If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here. ) I think I play this for the boys at least twice a week still. Love seeing their little excited faces. But sadly everyone (meaning D, Sam and my parents) felt that the trip was purely meant for pictures and they didn’t get to “

Great Smoky Mountains National Park · TWIN TUESDAYS

Tennessee Twin Throwback

Fall by far is my favorite season all year. But as a Miami girl, we know that for us it just means a less hot version of summer. Last year right about this time, we took a mini trip to Gatlinburg, TN to witness the change of the leaves during peak season. We had done this the year before and were so excited to bring the boys along. We rented a cabin using and took off on our first official road trip adventure with the boys. They weren’t too keen on being stuck in their car seats for that long which made us all the more anxious to arrive. But once we were getting there, I’d say after we drove past Florida,