Luke's Birth Story Slideshow Luke - 2nd Kennedy baby & Sam's best friend. Luke was born in 2009 at Woman's Hospital - Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Lilly's Birth Story Slideshow Lilly - 3rd Kennedy baby & princess of the house. Lilly was born in 2013 at Woman's Hospital - Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort and Spa

hello Old Marco

As a child my family used to vacation in Marco Island every summer. Every single summer guys. You didn’t even have to ask where we would be come August. It had been a while since I had visited and on a random Wednesday D and I decided to escape. Watching the boys play in the sand for the first time this summer refueled my tired soul. We’re aching to take a week long vacation but our busy schedules lately have left little room for spontaneous escapes. Aren’t those the best? Just taking off. I feel that when you plan a vacation too much you forget to enjoy yourself because there’s so much you want to do. Sometimes all it takes is looking at each other and quickly packing a weekend bag for the kiddos and a full tank of gas.

The Twins first disney trip · TWIN TUESDAYS

Disney with twin babies

D and I love visiting Orlando’s most magical place, Walt Disney World, whenever we can. We escaped three times the year before the boys were born. But anyone that has kids will agree that visiting theme parks with small children is not the same as honeymooning together alone. I really hope this blog serves as a platform to help other moms out there looking for information on raising twins just as much as all my photography work. I remember being a google-aholic those 8 months I was pregnant wanting to soak up all the advice I read about having twins. I loved reading all the twin birth stories and even vacation diaries for the many moms I followed. So as a pay-it-forward,