Luke's Birth Story Slideshow Luke - 2nd Kennedy baby & Sam's best friend. Luke was born in 2009 at Woman's Hospital - Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Lilly's Birth Story Slideshow Lilly - 3rd Kennedy baby & princess of the house. Lilly was born in 2013 at Woman's Hospital - Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Miami Wedding Portraits

There are times when everything that makes up a session comes together so perfectly. Beautiful couple, gorgeous gown, sunny morning, cool weather, and a romantic location… a photographer’s dream I tell you! Right before we headed to Costa Rica I had the privilege of shooting this sweet couple’s bridal portraits. We had just one day to make it happen, come rain or shine and our weather forecast was NOT looking good at all. But since I’m a firm believer that our weather in South Florida is so bipolar that even at times when we have a 90% prediction of sunshine you’ll be surprised with the occasional rain shower, we proceeded with our session. To our delight, the morning couldn’t of been more picture-perfect.


Vizcaya Museum Anniversary Bridal Portraits

It had been several ‘years’ since I had last photographed a session in the beautiful Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Such a popular place amongst photographers here in Miami for all but me. (Giving you all hints and coughs here.) Needless to say when our friends, Carlos & Daimy chose this as the location for their first year anniversary bridal portraits I was beyond excited. The luscious curated gardens and vintage European architecture makes it seem as if we have taken a trip overseas to the countryside of Italy. Hanging out with them on the hottest day of the summer, through the mini rain storm and the seas of people that happened to be also visiting that day was one for the books of sessions that despite it all ‘we made it happen’.


Key Biscayne Beach Bridals

By far one of my favorite things of working with couples is shooting multiple sessions for them. For example, at first we may get together to photograph their engagements. During this session I will get to know them as a couple, instruct them how to pose naturally for the camera, how to ignore the shutter sound when I am really close and wanting one of those intimate portraits, how to enjoy their time together and focus less on the “photo session” and more on spending time loving on one another to just name a few. Time passes and perhaps I am their wedding photographer. Since they have already seen first hand how I work, the whole day goes by without stress as to whether or not we are a right fit,


Matheson Hammock Park Bridals

We have been so fortunate lately to have such beautiful weather these past couple of weeks that it’s made all of my sessions that much dreamier. I’m not one to shy away from shooting in the rain, but there’s no comparison to that creamy glow of a perfect sunrise or sunset. A few weeks ago I had the greatest time photographing Keisy & Adriel’s bridal session at Matheson Hammock Park.  (I know you are probably thinking, Abigail’s second home at this point. But my families are just in love with these trees and the plants that have been growing on them for years! So amazing!) Arriving at the park I was a bit scared that we wouldn’t have the same experience I am used to when shooting here since there was two weddings happening at the same time in the area plus all the other maternity and family portrait sessions around,


Matheson Hammock Bridals

On the foggiest of mornings, I set out very early to meet Adriana and Jonah for their wedding bridal session at Matheson Hammock Park. As I drove all I wished for was that it would clear in time for their photo session. Hoping and praying I hadn’t made everyone wake up so early for a rainy day. To my surprise once arriving, the fog was light enough to give us the kind of glow that would set the sky so perfectly for these images. It almost gave the illusion as if I had set up a white backdrop for them… I liked the fact that it was different from what I had shot there before. With Matheson Hammock being such a popular park,