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Wedding Bridal Portraits

As this first month of 2017 comes to an end (I can’t believe the weeks passed by so quickly) I am reflecting on all the plans I have set for myself this year. One of my goals is to launch my couples [engagements, bridals, weddings & anniversaries] site within the next couple of months. It’s been a long time coming ever since the launch of and I cannot wait to see our project fully come to life. I have been slowly building a wedding portfolio reflective of the kind of work I wish to continue to offer all of my lovely couples. Which leads to the reason I wanted to write this chatty blog post…

Jailyn & Lester · Key Biscayne, FL

Romantic Beach Wedding Portraits

miami beach wedding photography

My dear friends, have I got a special bridal wedding post for you today. It’s no surprise that when being prompted by a past bride, especially one that is your friend, to once again come together to work on another shoot I immediately get excited. Being chosen to capture a family’s story along the way is what I hope to make my business all about. You may recognize them from one of my favorite shoots, the Notebook inspired engagement session and their country-side engagements at my parent’s old farm. I haven’t blogged their proposal, but I was right there helping Lester make that day just as special as Jaylin dreamed it would one day be.

Anays & Adonai · Davie, FL

Romantic Countryside Bridals

miami wedding photography

I usually have lots to say about a session and the day of our photo shoot but with this one… I REALLY just like the images so much that I don’t know where to even begin. This photo shoot was something that Dailyn and I wanted to create to move people. To push the boundaries of what each of us does on the regular. Something that would inspire. Having Anays running around in her beautiful princess dress definitely inspired me. I didn’t want anything to feel posed or forced… I told her to think of the movie Runaway Bride and the end scene when they get married and they run off on a horse… free.


Bridals at Matheson Park

miami bridal photography

I couldn’t just get enough of these two… first at their engagements, then their wedding and now 🙂 we meet again. Portrait time during their wedding was reduced to under ten minutes of beautiful sunset light so having a bridal session was the perfect solution to still having beautiful outdoor bride and groom portraits post wedding day. The weather these past couple of weeks has been quite bipolar and we were very lucky to of arrived just in time for the sunrise over the clouds. Matheson Hammock Park this time of year is always a favorite. The sun peaked just long enough for us to hum and prance around the park, because once we all drove home the rain started and I was oh so happy we still had our glowy sunrise.

YESENIA & JORGE · Styled Bridal Shoot

Miami Wedding Anniversary Portraits

Yessenia & Jorge didn’t get to have wedding portraits done the day they tied the knot. So much emotion and excitement happens that one day you marry your best friend and the best way to remember it is through photographs. But in the case that day has passed, just like it did for them, you could always wear your wedding dress again and have a wedding portrait session. Maybe that’s not the proper term, perhaps it’s called bridal portraits, but you all get the picture. I’m a firm believer that us girls should get to wear our pretty wedding dress whenever we like! Why should it be a one time thing? Isn’t your wedding dress the one you picked out that made you feel the prettiest?