Luke's Birth Story Slideshow Luke - 2nd Kennedy baby & Sam's best friend. Luke was born in 2009 at Woman's Hospital - Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Lilly's Birth Story Slideshow Lilly - 3rd Kennedy baby & princess of the house. Lilly was born in 2013 at Woman's Hospital - Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Disney World with The Vigoas

Hollywood Studios with my twin toddlers

Our second park visit was to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. D’s favorite. Mainly because of Star Wars, but also because of his favorite rides (The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror & Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster). I’m not going to pretend like I’m not into it as well, but leave me at the princess and princes park all week and I’m a happy camper. The weather that day was off the charts one of the hottest days of the year in Orlando. The boys don’t do very well in the heat, so I knew it would be “one of those days” for us. We tried to keep our time outside as minimal as possible and bought them spray fans to cool off.

Disney World with the Vigoas

a day at Magic Kingdom with toddlers

These past two months have been nothing short of intense workdays for both D and I. We have no such thing as “sleeping breaks” since we go to bed once our work for the day has been completed. We’re exhausted. After returning from Louisiana from a work trip he did because of the flooding, I knew it was time to plan a mini escape. These escapes of ours last just about a couple of days but they help us switch up the routine and come back refreshed to our responsibilities at home. I was aching for a couple of days at the beach and when I suggested it, he turned my idea down for Disney. Not the most relaxing place I could think of,


Whitsundays Islands & The Great Barrier Reef

Driving through the middle of the Australian desert sure has a way of making you feel exhausted. Like you need a vacation from your vacation. The constant tension of whether or not you would run any animal over was no fun. Seeing just how hot is is outside because just like in the movies its almost like heat waves… makes me thirsty just remembering it all. Needless to say, once we arrived at the amazing Airlie Beach in Queensland we were stoked. Our apartment was absolutely perfect. The kind that made D and I wonder why we ever bothered going anywhere else… we should of just stayed there the entire time! It had a kitchen and living room and separate bedroom with a master bath and jacuzzi tub.


Road trip from Sydney to Uluru

We left off somewhere along the beach not to far from Sydney… where did we go next? After speaking to a couple of the locals they kinda suggested our itinerary  for the rest of our journey in Australia. The mentioned that visiting the mountains would be a nice change of scenery from Sydney and so we drove about an hour and a half to a town called Katoomba, NSW to visit the famous Blue Mountains. The plan was to embark on a very long road trip that would reach all the way to the center to see Uluru and then drive back up the coast. Very ambitious. I would of ‘settled’ with just driving up and down the east coast but D knew how much I wanted to see the big red rock.

Travel Series → 24-day Roadtrip in Australia

Our Honeymoon Getaway in Australia

When I was a little girl, say maybe eleven or twelve, I used to say that my dream location to visit would be Australia. Particularly because I loved kangaroos so much because they keep their baby in their pouch. Mother instincts since day one. I had talked about this at one point or another with all my friends as time went by, but never in a million years did I imagine things would actually play out the way they did.

When D and I were dating he asked me to marry him after what everyone thought was a very short time. We had both been in previous relationships where things went wrong and after just a couple of weeks of being together we knew things were different this time around.