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choosing family outfits for photos
Tips on choosing what to wear for your family session

Step Three: Choosing Family Outfits

Finally I am taking the time to write about one of my most favorite planning topics, outfits for your session! I feel this is one of the things that stresses everyone before their photo session. They’ve met me and booked their session, chosen their location and are now looking from store to store for the right outfit for their photo shoot. If it’s for a family shoot with multiple kids, even more stressful right? Well it doesn’t have to be. The pressure to get everyone looking great for picture day doesn’t mean you have to break the bank either. These tips are strictly clothes related so I hope that the next time you are shopping and preparing for your session they will help ease up the stress.

5 tips to kickstart your photography · ASK ABBY

Photography for Beginners

Abby, I have been following you on Instagram and love your photography. I would really like to pursue photography as my career as well because I LOVE taking pictures. Can you tell me what you did to start out and build a business?

I love that at least on a weekly basis someone asks me some form of advice or tips about photography because that means that their is passion out there. Passion to want to learn this wonderful field of photography that I dove head first into so many years ago. I remember being eighteen with my first DSLR which was a Canon EOS Rebel XTi camera with it’s kit lens the 18-55 mm feeling like I could so do this.

How to select the location of your shoot

Step Two: Picking Location

Last week I wrote a blog post on step one of the planning process: meeting your photographer. During that meet you will discuss one of the most important parts of your shoot, the location. The location of a shoot not only affects the overall “look” of your pictures but how you feel during the session as well. Say perhaps you decide to shoot at the beach… if you don’t happen to like the sand or the sun, you will probably be very uncomfortable the whole time. I’ve come up with a questions to ask yourself before choosing a particular scenery or location for you shoot:

  1. Is this a place I would visit if I wasn’t getting my picture taken?
5 Reasons why you should meet your photographer before booking

Step one: meet & greet

In this over-saturated market of photographers of every kind of genre, chances are you have a couple in mind for your event. Whether that event happens to be a wedding, engagement or birth you want to make sure that your photographer is a right fit for you. I pride myself in being openly transparent with my clients during our plan meets as well as with my readers via this blog and social media. I’m not afraid of you all seeing my kid’s dirty faces or know that most nights I spend my time editing into the wee hours because – #momlife. But, I am hundred percent sure that I am not the photographer for everyone. My look appeals to girls that happen to have a similar style to my own.


Preparing For a Beach Session

Quite often while planning family sessions with other moms their main concern about shooting at the beach is the sand. Will the sand get everywhere? Will it ruin the shot? I always reassure them that it will be part of the experience but then again they just look at me like I’m some weirdo who loves getting dirty. So last week as I was planning with Sam what we would come up with for #twintuesday I thought I’d set the example. Sunrise session at the beach with the kids. Let me be a bit more detailed, sunrise session at 6:30 AM at the beach with one year old twins. I didn’t think we could do it. Especially since my husband wasn’t coming along and I had to get everyone and everything into the car by myself.