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South Florida Engagements Session · Lester & Jay

Country Lovin

Jay & Lester’s Engagements – Part 1. Yes, there is a part two coming along. Jay is my cousin Jael’s best-friend, which means that I’ve seen this little one grow up into the woman she is today. It’s crazy how time flies, these two are getting hitched in February already! I wanted to have a “come-back” shoot after not really working since the I was pregnant with the boys, and this one really did it for me. They allowed me to shoot just however it is I wanted. Lately, that consists of a lot of ‘in your face’ pictures. Not that I am actually close to you, but the crop is so tight around my subjects that my sole focus is them.


bumble bee pick-up truck

Arlene and Carlos are the kind of couple that you meet and you automatically want to be just like them. They remind me of the many Instagram hashtags — #goals. Their love just gushes out of their pores. It’s quite easy to think that being in a relationship is a piece-of-cake from watching these two. Because for them, it really is. Best friends with the hots for each other.

I was ever so lucky to spend an afternoon with them capturing that incandescent love. We borrowed my neighbor’s old chevy and headed to D and I’s favorite neighborhood to park and hang. That’s all I knew I needed to tell them. Let’s just hang out together. I’m pretty sure I could of told them that my latests and greatest idea was to shoot at the dump yard and they would of made that dump yard look badass.

a flashback to: Love Is...

a note to Laura

Say you’ll remember me

Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset, babe

Red lips and rosy cheeks

Say you’ll see me again even if it’s just in your wildest dreams.

This is Laura and Ovi. Laura and Ovi aren’t a thing anymore. They were a big thing back when I took these pictures ( January 2011 ). A crazy love thing that drove each other bananas. I was so lucky to whisk them away in one of my photo ideas. Little did I know then I would be gushing over these photos of her. Admiring every bit of detail in her face,